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There will be college coaches at every backstop!

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The Showcase in the City of Lights in Las Vegas is a unique opportunity for athletes and college coaches from around the country to integrate into one location and receive instruction from a variety of collegiate sources. 2024 marked the 18th year for the Showcase in the City of Lights Team Showcase. Majestic Park is the only facility used for this event, creating an intimate atmosphere between college coaches and teams participating in the event. Available room is limited to 55 teams for this event due to the Individual Showcase Camp and using ONLY Majestic Park.  In 2023, the event sold out August 1st, almost 2 1/2 months prior to the entry deadline. Please plan accordingly and guarantee your spot for 2023 with registration and payment as soon as possible.  There is NO CONFLICT between the Team Event and Individual Showcase Camp!